Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lauren's dress

We stayed in the city an extra day and I got to sew! I brought this fabric with me from Toronto to make this dress for my niece. I want to make another for her younger sister, but don't know if time will let me while I'm here. With the cold breeze today, she wouldn't get to wear it this year.

Another one with shirring on the top. This one was so much easier for a few reasons.
1. the edged bottom. I didn't have to cut, iron and sew. Already done! Score!!

2. I used my mother's grown up serger for the edges, instead of ironing and hemming. It is set on roll hems, but after detangling and changing the threads, I decided that it was the look I was going for anyway! wink

3. I only used 2 pieces, which I sewed together before I shirred the top.

4.I made the straps a different way to allow for growth and keep on ability. I sewed the straps in the back a little closer to the middle. Hopefully, this will help avoid the flashdance look.

I would have liked to have my little model demonstrate this dress for you, but she passed out about 2 hours ago. I have no idea if she will wake before morning. We have been keeping very late nights here. Maybe she'll catch up.

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