Tuesday, August 18, 2009

little polka dot fringe

I whipped up this little number today while the kids played in the air conditioning. Is it hot where you are? Crazy man.

Anyhow, the top of the dress is a t-shirt that DH's cousin in Portugal gave us from her daughter. THe image was painted by her friend, so I wanted to do something with it, rather than wait until Neve was big enough to wear it.

I hemmed the sides and put a little ruffle on the bottom.

The dress was deemed "not pinny enough" Doesn't spin when she turns, but she wore it the rest of the day none-the-less. Please excuse the blurry photo, messy hair and dirty popsicle face. She was in a hurry.

Thanks for looking,

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Anonymous said...

Very creative! I have all these tshirts in my daughter's drawer that I don't like the shape of, and never thought to alter it. Wonder what I can do with little t-shirts too small for her, but with a pattern that I love...right...give to a friend ;)