Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tea anyone? I was so excited to make this set. The box template comes from a tutorial at Dec. 4 entry
The box contains 2 tea bags, a tin with 2 heart shaped sugar cubes, 2 heart chocolates and a 3x3 note tag.

The heart shaped sugar cubes are molded in an ice cube tray. I used the reciped from the Jan. 14th entry for Look it up under recipes on her side bar. Becky has really great ides! Thanks Becky. In short, I mixed one beaten egg white in 3 cups of sugar. It goes a long way. but that was good, as I worked a long time on the sugar. My molds were too deep to fit 2 into the tin, so I had to half fill them. I also had to bake them longer, like 15-20 minutes. I decided not to tint them, as I had no red dye.
The tin is a 53 mm tin from Lee Valley with double stitched Pomegrante ribbon on the side. The paper is from SU, Berry Bliss. Yummy no? The heart on the cover is from SU "time well spent", stamped on the outside of the glass with Pallete ink.

I wanted to add a card, but a full card would have been too thick for the box, so I just used a card front. You can write a note on the back. The hearts are from SU "Loads of Love" set.

The last picture shows the contents of the T42 box. Of course, a nice compliment to a cuppa tea is a friend and a bikkie. (biscut), but I didn't have wrapped cookies. So of course, I substituted chocolate. Any objections?

Anyone wanna come over for a break?

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hemidemisemiquaver said...

They look wonderful! I am so glad you tried them! You can give them to all of your friends now! Beautiful job!