Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My Stampin' Up order came yesterday! I was so excited to go play, even more so, since my friend gave me a HUGE package of handmade papers. I kept visualizing layouts. It was after 9 pm before I could go upstairs b/c there was so much to clean up after the 4 yr old 's b-day party! And we hosted it at a play place.
So here is the beginning of the set Always. I used copper embossing powder. The red goldy paper has red on the back that I wanted to show, so I crumpled the edges a bit. And guess what else? I sewed on my card! I was a bit of a sewer in the past, so I finally jumped on the bandwagon and tried it on the card. The outside of the paper was using a zigzag stitch. I have to work on that one a bit, but thankfully you can't see it very well. But what a mess on the back side, so I covered the inside front of the card to hide it.

The bird card has more embossing. I put in the shiny picture to show you. I love how the red paper lookes when cut. I'm going ot work on distressing it more with a file.

Sorry the pics aren't as nice as real life. I waited until today to post to try to get some natural light, but it's a gloomy day out, so here are the ones from inside.
Off to play again,
Thanks for looking,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda!
This looks awsome! When is your next workshop again? Keep me posted.