Tuesday, January 8, 2008

bellas anyone?

I was thinking today that I may have bellas that you haven't seen. So I checked my Bella tag on the side index and yep, I have them hiding in my iphoto.
So here is a trio I did last spring. Ah spring.. it's been 15 degrees here for the last few days!! Yep, in January. All the snow has melted. We played in the puddles on the way home yesterday and took the long way home today. I keep reminding my son that it is really winter and the the snow will come back soon. We're still waiting to make our 1st snowman of the season.
But I digress... very far away from the spring bellas.

I need to get back to card making. or at least get to my room. I spent the night going through my whole blog list. It took well over an hour and a half. Glad I don't do that every night.

my, my, I'm a bit chatty tonight, so I'll leave you now..

Thanks for looking,

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