Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still away

Hi there,
checking in again.
Only 2 more sleeps and we'll be back home in our brick house. The one we are staying in right now is wooden. So they have been named such by my 3 yr old son. He is having a blast. He was so tired,he fell asleep in my arms. ahh. It's been a long time since that happened.

My 1 yr old daughter is deciding that she doesn't like riding in the car so much anymore. Man, she has some lungs on her! Remember those singing fish that were popular years ago? Well, there is one here at the house. The DH took it an put it on the boat at the end of the race. Well, DD LOVES it. Both kids were dancing and clapping to it today. When it was over, she would point to it a yell at it. As if that would turn it on:}It only has 2 songs.. Don't worry, be happy and take me to the river. Oh boy, are those songs stuck in your head now? Don't care if I ever hear them again.

I found another Michael's and bought a few more things. Finally found a religious Christmas stamp that I liked. You'll see an example of that. I made 2 more cards and have another idea in my head, but have to get back to my own stuff to finish it.

It's cold here today. We went from August 70th, to Nov. 12th!! The lake at the end of the dock doesn't look so inviting and the thoughts of dragging the paddle boat out of the water, well, has left it in the water.:}

Lovely time here. I will miss this big bungalow. no stairs so the kids can follow me where ever they want. This is also a nice area. Easy to get from A-B. Went to the Train Museum in Baltimore. WOW. Nice place. The roundhouse had to be totally rebuilt b/c of a roof collapse from snow. Truly amazing. Yep, nice vacation. Back to reality on Sunday when I go sing at church.

Guess I was in a rambling mood tonight
Thanks for listening.

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Hematology said...

Hi Amanda,
Rowan says hi! He just saw your picture on the screen as I was reading your latest, and he got very excited :)

Love the stuff you've been working on - can't wait to catch uo!