Saturday, October 6, 2007

Missing, but active

Hi there,
I've not posted since Tuesday, as I am in Edgewater, Maryland. About 10 minutes south of Annapolis. I've been to a small, small, small Joann's fabric store. Only 2 rows of stamping stuff. I did find a nice $1 JOY stamp and have figured out a nice card for it.
I don't have internet access from my computer, so I can't show you yet. If I get down to the sailing club,where there is wi-fi, I'll send a pic.

Hoping to get to Michael's and Target, to check out their dollar spot. I couldn't find anything in Annapolis, but a house mate said she saw a strip of big stores just south of here. Can't wait to hit them. Oh yes, want to find a hobby lobby if I can. I'm all ready to shop, have saved the money, made my list, and NOTHING. Somebody, tell me where/how to spend my money. LOL

I must send a pic of the lovely waterfront house we are staying at also. We're going to get some bait (chicken wings were recommended) to put in the crab pots. We can tie them to the end of the dock...which is after the gazebo. We went for a short paddle boat ride with the kids today. we will feel it tomorrow. The paddles were seized up. But the kids enjoyed the pseudo beach. The ride back was much nicer with the wind in our backs.

Did I mention how hot it was here??? in the 80s. Humid. My hair hasn't been so wiry all summer!

We still have a whole week here. Yeah.

I'll post again, hopefully with some pics.

Thanks for listening,

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Linda SS said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. You have been so creative - I love your halloween tins and you've been posting some fabulous cards! Have fun:)