Saturday, October 20, 2007

baby's firsts tin

Remember that tin I covered a while back? Well, here is the kit I had planned for it. there are still come cards to put inside and I need to design a title for it, but here it is!

All SU products on the tin and cards. I don't know who's site I first saw it on. I looked on Splitcoast stampers, but couldn't find this tin there. I did lift the ideas for the cards from another person though.

If you need the recipe, email me. I'm rushing out the door right now.

I plan on making a tin for teen girls. I'm going to ask advice from some of my younger cousins who are in the know.

Thanks for looking,

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Viola Scola said...

Hi Amanda,
These are so cute. My niece in N.S. just had a new baby. I will have to order some things from you when I see you next. Thanks so much for the stamps. I picked up the tins ( your directions were great - didn't get lost) and stamped them Friday night. I left the stamps with Jacqueline, along with a couple of acrylic blocks for you. Let me know if you have any specific sizes you want and I will get hubby to cut some.