Monday, August 27, 2007

1st hair cut kit

Look on your fridge. How long has that magnet been there? Where are the curls you cut off your child's 1st haircut? With the picture, sitting in a box? In a drawer? Well, here is a way to show it and pretty up your fridge for years!

It's the 1st Haircut Kit.. sibling of the Tooth Fairy Kit.

Using the 53mm watchmaker tin from Lee Valley,I traced a circle around the picture, cut it and adhered it to the cover. Then cut the info insert, "First haircut". Be sure to make the left side of the circle straight so that it will be a card. Filled in the info inside. I put the curls inside a little plastic baggie. Wrapped the tin with double sided ribbon from Michael's, put a magnet on the back and there you have it. A keepsake of a precious moment.

Thanks for looking.


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Anonymous said...

I love this idea!