Friday, August 31, 2007

Christmas anyone??

First off, let me apologize for the terrible photo quality. I took this waaay back, when I didn't conceive that I might want to share it later. I usually take pics of my work to remember layouts and designs. Not to put on a blog. But I really like this card. So here ya go. If it makes you queasy, look away!!!

Now back to the card....

Another SU retired set. This one I HAD to have b/c it is a 2 step stamp. The green tree base, with the brown trunk, then the polka dots. There are other ways to dress the tree... tinsel garland, word garland, and a twisty thingy. ALL very cool. The "be merry" is also SU. I really should go to my studio when I write these things up so I can give you the proper names. but it's too late and I don't feel like climbing the stairs! lol

Tree base is chaulk ink. Then I coloured the spots indiviually with my spots!! to match the designer paper on the left. (I didn't have any markers at the time, so had to plan on what shapeink spots (cat's eye, dew drop, square) would be able to fit in the middle without messing up the other spots! lol. I've come so far in such little time:})

The ribbon is May Arts (?) and the star brad at the top of the tree is from Absolute Dollar (the most amazing embellishment/scrapbook section). The red paper on the right is also from there and has various sized embossed circles. I have seen this paper sold by the sheet in various scrapbook stores.

There are so many b/c I created them for my 1st swap... in the middle of April. Just what you want to receive:} And here you are having to read about it at the end of August! Oh well, maybe I'll fit Halloween in there soon:}

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