Tuesday, September 6, 2011

tomatoes, tomatoes, everywhere tomatoes

Or at least some sort of juice, spluice, mess....
So, you take a few of these burners...

A few boxes of Tomatoes. This is how you buy a bushel these days. Not so romantic. Oh well, we got 2, crazy amateurs.

We blanched them, took the skins off, quartered them and boiled them again. Actually, my husband did all that before I came home from church.

With all the skins left over, he put it through a nifty puree machine to get the pulp. This was half a bushel.

My job was the jarring. Then boiled them for 90 minutes.

Here is a bit of the set up.

Nice and pretty. I hope we did it all right. It will be a tasty winter if we did.

Oh to have strength and better weather to do the rest. It was hotter and more humid than Hades last time. He wants to make sauce out of it.
have a good one,

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