Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hangin' or climbin'

Howdy all!
I've made nothing this week! Nothing. Well, I did make supper a few times this week, muffins, cookies, bread. So I guess I did make something, but there is not much left to show for it, but a bigger middle! :}
TO give you something to look at, I present Rafael, the tree climber.

Look in the middle of the tree. He's wearing blue.

Now look up. Waaaay up. Middle to the top....

Monkey to be sure.
He's not just a tree climber, he's a runner. They have Cross Country at school for a month. Every run around the block is a kilometer. Every kilometer, you get a stick. Every 10 sticks, you get a ribbon. Last year, his goal was 100. He made it to 60. We started late. This year, he was ready. We go 4 mornings a week. (I just started running 2-3 kilometers, 3 days a week with him or I should say, I run with Neve)
He runs an average of 4-5 per morning. Then there are 3 gym classes a week where he runs some more in the field. This boy has run over 10 K a day a few times in the last week. He is now at 75K and is so proud of his ribbons. He spent the evening lining up his ribbons from last year and the ribbons from this year on the floor. He only needs 25 more to get his 100! And there are 7 running days left! Plus, he is attending the area meet on Tuesday. I hope they count the 5 K for that! He will be over the moon to get his 100 ribbon. And I will too. He's worked so hard for it. Getting ready early in the morning to get there on time.
Bless him. I'll keep you posted.


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