Saturday, September 24, 2011

lego pouch

Happy Saturday! I just spent the morning, cleaning my kitchen/living room after hosting 4 extra sailors for the past week! let me say, it feels good to have a moment to do such.
here's a quick pouch for a bday present. The kids like to take their lego mini figurines around with them. this way, they can hook it to their pants and off they go....

And in other good news....
I won the monthly blog giveaway at Soft Earth Art last month.

What a treasure to own something that was created lovingly by Marie. All of her work exudes magic.

And I just LOVE the acorns. Our acorns don't look like this.

That brings me to an idea or wish I've had for sometime now.... An acorn trade. Wouldn't it be cool to have some acorn tops from a different tree than grows in your neighbourhood? I've only found the one kind around here.
Anyhow, This wreath hangs inside where I can see it everyday. it makes me smile and warms my heart to think of it being created all the way from the other side of the world and traveling here.

Thanks Marie!



softearthart said...

Hi Amanda, I am pleased that you like the wreath,

love and light Marie

Anonymous said...

Hey I love the lego pouch and so does my son... so I made one for his little things! Thank you for the fab idea!