Saturday, September 3, 2011

Heart swap

I signed up for the heart swap this summer. I changed my mind a million times and finally came up with this.

Embroidery on linen. Just what I had envisioned. I had trouble finding a design though. When I finally returned home to my books, I found this one in the pile from a previous Goodwill Trip. Love vintage books.

It is very thorough, showing the patterns for each project made.

And then a treasury of designs in the back as well as the stitch guide.

I took the pattern for these slippers and adjusted it for the heart shape. It actually is heart shaped! I just need to outline it and decide whether to make it a sachet or put it on a 4 inch make your own button. Oh yes, that baby is big!

I think I'll ask my swap mate. Yes, it is late, but we have a mutual agreement. I was a busy summer you know! :}
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Shannon said...


dionne said...

What beautiful embroidery. I'm a novice and have never created anything so intricate. Thanks for stopping by my site today and for your kind comments :)

twolittleseeds said...

Gorgeous and so detailed! x

julie said...

SO pretty! I don't embroider...yet...and every beautiful embroidery project that I see just draws me one step closer to wanting to learn.