Thursday, August 25, 2011

Salt Water

Our trip to the Maritimes has seen lots of swimming in the water. Salt water! A lot different than swimming in lake Ontario.
The first dip was a t a cottage rented by a friend in Mahone Bay. What a great night.

There were starfish, hermit crabs, periwinkles and crabs. They touched whatever fancied them.

After a bang up bbq, marshmallows and a cuppa tea rounded out the night.


Another beach was in Shelburne, Roseway beach. How beautiful.

White, fine, powder sand.

The best thing to do with it is to dig trenches.

And tease the waves.

We went to another beach yesterday, Queensland beach not far from Halifax. The photos are on my phone and I can't find my charger/adapter. Anyhow, it was another fun sandy beach with cooler water, but great waves.
One big difference from swimming at an ocean beach and a lake beach... the tide!! Yesterday, we set up by the water so we could watch the kids easier, but had to move closer to the locals up from the beach when the tide started to come in rather quickly. I'm certain I could hear them snickering when we set up so far down by the water. Now I'm the wiser.


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