Friday, August 19, 2011

little felties

On this vacation, I only took my felt with me, thinking of making gnomes and some hair clips. While out shopping with my mom, (how nice was that!) I found the book "Felties" by Nelly Pailloux. I had taken this book from the library once, but wasn't in the frame of mind to make wee things. Well, when you only have felt and restless kids, you give them the book and promise to make whatever their heart desires from it.
My friend's son chose the green alien. I made a red one for his brother. You can see it in the final photo.

My son chose the Panda as his 1st request. there is a long list.

My daughter about fell out of the seat when she saw this mouse, so she had to have it.

And another little girl wanted a red lion with blue hair. I like her "thinking out of the box"

These were easy and fun to make. I'm sure I'll be making more to round out their collection. I put lavender in the mouse. It smells so great. I heard them all playing with their softie friends in some other realm, pandas in space and the lion coming to save them all. It was fun to listen to and they were all so proud. When I presented each finished piece to the owner (and they would wait close to me, watching their creation come to life) I would say the following:
"I have made this especially for you to your colours and animal choices. Will you love it? Will you be careful with it? Will you respect it? Will you think of me when you play with it? Will you cry when you lose it?" Of course, all the answers in a row were yes, then the last question always made them stop to think about it! It was funny.

If you get a chance to look at the book, it will make you smile!

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Kajira said...

how lovely they are! <3