Friday, August 26, 2011

from the water to the valley

I didn't think we would get to go here, but we did on this last day of our vacation. I lived in the Annapolis Valley for 5 years and cried and cried the day I left, almost 20 years ago. Every time I come to Nova Scotia, I try to get to the valley.

The mud flats are part of the Bay of Fundy, the basin of water between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick with a rapid tidal bore. Lovely to look at and to walk the dykes. The smell however at times!??

We stopped at a U-Pick for some apples and a leg stretch.

Sun shining, breeze blowing, sweet smell of apples.

We tried the 2-4 kinds there were in the rows.

And Neve explained how to pick an apple from the tree. She's the expert you know. She learned it last fall on her Kindergarten field trip. A voice of authority!


There were many apple varieties and some weren't ripe yet. We just looked at the bottom of the trees for the windfalls. If there were apples under the tree, they were ready for picking. We tried the fallen apple to see if we liked it or not. The first batch we picked were indeed a baking variety.

A cute little sprig.

Then we found the jersey macs. Yummmy. Sweet and crispy.
But my favorite apple was a rare bright red one amongst a tree of a different type. Sweet and soft.

There were also pears and plums to be picked. We passed on getting them as we ate too many within the last week. We did try the fallen plums though. Warm from the sun and juicy. There were 2 kinds on the same tree. A yellow and a little red one. wee and red.

After everyone had enough apples and sunshine and walking, we went back to pay for them and smelled them all the way home.

A great outing indeed!

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