Wednesday, August 3, 2011

frozen colour cubes

Someone, please tell me who did this first? Remember it from my blurfing....
One night, I put food colouring in the ice cube tray.

My DH did a double take in the morning!
silly girl
We set it up on the trampoline outside with a piece of white fabric on the bottom to catch all the wonderful colour!

see how purdy it is?!

They started painting with the ice cubes, but the colour wasn't very vibrant, nor could you really tell what they were painting.

So we decided to draw pictures with a white crayon.

It worked a little better..

but the colour was still dull.

Can you see the squirrel!??

But look at the nice cloth we have now.

We took this big cloth inside. my intent is to cut it up to make some napkins. I have a feeling the colours will wash out.
Here's the sad part of the story... we left the rest of the paintings on the clothes line. It has rained all night and day. No colour anymore, just some crayon markings. But hey! Now we can use the canvas to paint something else.

Have a good one,

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Kelly said...

This is beautiful. I love it. Must try this with the children!