Monday, August 15, 2011

road trip!

We're settled in after a 2 day car ride. Not a bad one. Much to be entertained. I was going to have a post on things you see on the road, but my DH wasn't fast enough with the camera. We saw a funny looking car with lots of antenae. it was a storm Chaser. The kids were concerned, thinking there was a storm ahead on a clear blue sky day.
Here is a motorcycle with a side car.

A stop at the 1st Quebec roadside stop. Yeah for playgrounds and big climb-y things.

We slipped down to Vermont, New Hampshire and stopped in Maine for the night. Very pretty countryside. Too bad it was night. The swerving, rolling hills were a little too much for me, but we played tag with the moon. Very full and bright mood guiding us.

The next day was a little rougher to handle. But we tried to make light of it. Little Neve assisted with some of the driving. She wore her pjs for 3 days straight. a bit lazy don't ya think?

Our 1st outing was a trip to the Public Gardens.

There was a bit of ice cream consumed.

And a few ducks wanting her to share.

They had a music program for the day. Swingology. Nice tunes to wander around to. Refreshing and lovely to stretch some road weary legs.

We went to a little harbour today and will go to another tomorrow. Some good fish to be et.

have a good one,

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Anonymous said...

I love this "... we played tag with the moon. Very full and bright mood guiding us."

Looks like a lovely trip!