Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rafael the red nosed reindeer

My son, the joker...

He likes to get a little silly sometimes. Doesn't he remember his mother always has a camera ready?!
This layout has been swirling in my head for a few weeks. I finally got some things together. Felt reindeer from michael's, dotted paper from SU, black paper with cutouts from memoriy makers, mini tree lights from the buck store last year and the letters from a bunch of different places. i really should invest in some proper chip board letters. Or at least more than 1 pack of 1 kind. I used glitter and flocking on them. oh yes, and the micro beads. Don't forget to colour the letter under the micro beads. I did for the flocking, but not the beads. Learn from my mistakes people. it looks naked under there. lol And I used the antler from the hat he was wearing. It had lived it's life and is now immortalized.

I made this just for you , you know, so I could give you something to look at.
Thanks for stopping by and go wrap a present or something. I know I should.

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