Tuesday, December 23, 2008

4 little snowmen in a row...

4 little snowmen made of snow.
out came the sun and shone all day,
1 little snowman melted away.

I think of this song I used to sing to the wee ones in my other life. It's funny to watch them melt at the end.

Anyhow.... here's an idea that came to fruition. I'm so tickled, I thought I'd share with ya, b/c my husband is a little weary of hearing my giggles about it.

I wanted to make a hot chocolate kit for my husband's relatives. It started with the mug, then I bought some other plastic container for the marshmallows. But lo and behold..... I saw these babies and HAD to have them! I mean, are they not perfect????!!!! I have to see if there are any left for future gifts.
The cup fits in the bottom with a spoon:

The marshmallows fit in the tophat:

Hot chocolate mix in the middle part. I had to take it out of the tin and put it in a baggie to make it work, but it's for people I know. So hopefully they won't get too squeamish about that.

And to top it all off, a frother. It makes it so much easier to mix the powder in than stirring with a spoon.

Did you notice that the snowmen are drinking their own hot chocolate? TOO Cute I tell ya, too much.

Tomorrow I'll be baking some mini partridge berry loaves. Partridge berries grow in Newfoundland, where I grew up. it is sort of like at small cranberry or actually, closer to a lingonberry that is found in Sweden. Then wrap a few more presents. My daughter keeps asking to see santa. Since tomorrow is her last chance, I may just have to hit the mall! bleck. Make a few more prezzies that I should be able to show you the next day and then off to sing. I get a few hours to myself in the evening. My husband is visiting with his extended family in their tradition on Christmas eve. But being the cantor at my church, I have to stay and sing. oh well, Jesus is the reason for the season after all. They will join me in church the next morning.

i wish you and yours a safe holiday!
Merry Christmas!

Thanks for looking,

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Viola Scola said...

Hi Amanda. As usual everything is wonderful. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!