Wednesday, December 17, 2008

checkin' in!

Hi ho,
how goes in this crazy season?

i've been working on a few things, but I can't show you as there is a danger that the recipients of my craftiness may be reading my blog! So you'll see it after Christmas. I know, too late for you to case it, but there's always next year. lol

Busy here with singing in various venues. We sang at a mall last weekend and actually got a crowd gathering and some applause! It's been a while since we've experienced that. It's funny to see all the cell phones pop out when you stop long enough for people to take pictures. Wonder what they do with them??? mmmm. It was a nice thing compared to the 4 piece jazz band in the party room we had to sing against the night before. We stayed in the hallway as the residents come to the party. sore singing. Buit I love it. Where else do you get to roam around and sing? Don't know of any other season where people unite in song. Quick, name me a rousing Easter song that people sing in the mall. :}

well, I told my daughter we could go to my stamping room and now she's bugging me to go.. she's only 2 and is hooked. I also told her she could sit at her big brother's table. Too much excitement.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great one!!!! don't let it stress you... we are human beings, not human doings...


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Sarah Pendergrast said...

Aint that the truth! I keep reminding myself of that. I want some quality "being" time this weekend! Love the glass ornament!