Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jolly Magnets

I borrowed my friend's Quickutz Jolly die set over the weekend and had a lovely time on Friday night cutting and creating.
I LOVE this set. But at 90 bucks a pop, it's just not on my list of acquisitions soon.:}
Here are some little magnets I made with the frame die and the bulb.
(for more ideas on this set, check out my friend's blog...

This one uses the frame die, hoho die and the trees die. Paper is current, but I don't know what it is.

This one uses the smallest bulb and the gingerpeople row. LOVE this little die. so cute. The green was done with swiss dots cuttlebug folder.

This paper is from K&Company. I think it's last year's paper? Bought the stack from Winners for 7 bucks!!!!!!! Used the inside of the frame piece for this one. A bit of glitter on the beard and fur to bling him up.

And an idea that needs some tweeking...
A picture frame that can also be an ornament.

2 problems: the holes are in the die, so the wire is in the middle of the frame. I can fix it by playing with it and adding a hole higher to wind the wire through. You need to do that b/c the wire falls when it is used as a magnet. For photo purposes, I tucked the wired under the magnet corners. But believe, me, it falls otherwise.
Problem #2: The magnet was also cut out with the frame die, so it is the same size as the frame. Good right?! No. When you tuck a wallet size picture in there, it covers the magnet. Solution, cut the frame out of heavy cardstock as the back, glue the picture into place and then cut out a magnet piece to cover the back. it was fun to play with the wire and beads that were in my stash. The nice heart is a magnet separate from this set. My daughter put it there as I was taking a picture. Nice idea. May have to look into making a paper one to put there.

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