Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I did it!!

Yeah! I finally scrapped a page!! I've been wanting to like forever. I've been taking pictures with the intent to do it. I've been collecting scrapping stuff. And tonight... I did it!!
This layout is from Jennifer Akirk's blog. I discovered it while blurffing. I would go back everyday to see it, but realized that it she had stopped blogging in March!. But I love so many of her layouts. Here's the one in February.

The paper on the right side is SU. It was a little too white for the American Craft dotted paper, so i used creamy caramel chalk on it. Kinda hoping it matches one of the circles. And look!! I used glitter!! Lots of it. My room is a mess. My clothes are a mess! I haven't looked at my face yet. And I'm still here!! THe swirl is from a 2nd hand sale. Don't know who it is by, but I have almost 4 whole sheets of circles and swirls. Yeah. I used the martha Stewart glitter on it. The letters are from the dollar store. Can you believe it? 1 buck! Even better as my LSS didn't have brown. I better go buy more, now that I'm into this scrapping thing. :}

Instead of putting my journalling on white paper, I printed it on acetate. Then used the 3 teeny, tiny brads in the corners.

I'm so happy I actually did it. It's not heavily embellished or a lot of photos, but I like it. I printed off a few more photos and am looking at layouts to make more. Just not getting anywhere with the card thang. Maybe this is the change I need. I'll welcome it. :}

Thanks for looking,

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Bailey said...

She's so sweet!! I really like the color palette.