Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ok, first off, apologize for the non quality photos. When I took these, I had no intention of putting them here, just sending them to a friend. They are not even out of the platic packaging, hence, the flash hot spots. But I felt I had to give you something. It's been days since I've been on here.

These stockings are from Quick Kutz die. It was really fun to make, Just punch out a bunch of stockings from various papers and hook the stocking up with a different topper. Then matted for a nice clean look.

I've been busy at some sales, have more coming up and general family, childminding things. And oh yes, the Christmas Caroling season has started. I'll be schlepping around the malls and hangin' out in business lobbies, singin' a merry tune until Dec. 24.

Thanks for looking,

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