Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I did it. woohoo. I love it when a plan comes together. Yes, you've seen this tin idea before here. But I LOVE them. I've been working on getting things for Magic Reindeer and Rudolph 's Spare nose kits. Um hello-- where is all the glitter in Toronto? I can't find it anywhere except little vials of it and TONS of glue glitter. But I digress. Like, 1.5 hours looking for the stuff. ok. I'm done.
I had the idea to do the same with a PMS and Menopause kit. Goodies in a bag with a cardstock topper. You'll see what I mean when I show you the reindeer stuff. But as I was driving home (from my unsuccessful quest) I thought of how I can package the "female" kits a little better. Upscale them. Then I thought of the lovely tins.
So here ya go.

I got the PMS blurb from the net on a site called Craft Survival Kits. They have a lot of ideas there. Their suggestions are for M&M's, but I bought Smarties. The only difference is that Smarties have pink and purple. So I tagged the line at the end.

I made up the Menopause blurb m'self. Just thinking of the ladies who are suddenly overcome with da heat and want to jump naiked in the snowbank. I also decided to make a little gift card to go with the tins also.
The nice thing about these tins is that it's all one sheet of paper. Don't you just love the paper out now that have a page of sample prints from the line? Great idea. How often do you cut into your 12x12 scrapbook paper for a little strip? Now you can just buy it that way. Cool beans. Add a bit of ribbon and an embellishment, you have your tin.

Thanks for looking,

oh, look what you get when you feed your kid a blue popsicle. No I will not let the baby have one, no matter how much she screams! She already ate all the yellow ones. 2nd child.. she'll eat anything.

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