Tuesday, August 21, 2012

little things

How goes? We're keeping busy in this tiny part of the world. Last week, I made these hair clips. I've made them before  here. I got them from the tutorial on Craftiness is not optional.
 I'm gathering some things together for the Farmer's market on Saturday. If I don't get a whole table together, I'll put a basket on the community table. It's just a feeler to see how people react to it all. I've already sussed out 2 places to put my things in for next tourist season. 
Since I'm a little low on photos this post, here's a little mushroom. It's long gone from here now, but nice to look at, just the same.

I was up early this morning, went for a bike ride and picked blackberries along the old train track trail. I love going out early before the world has woken up. 

I'm off to go makin' stuff today. Let's see what comes out the end of the day.

have a good one,

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