Friday, April 8, 2011

friday finds

This week in thrift.. aprons.

This little treasure was spotted by my eagle eyed friend and she allowed my to have it. Too precious not to go home with one of us. And since I have this Portugal connection, i.e. he sleeps in my bed, it's now proudly mine.

The stitching is simply amazing! A well practiced hand has been here. I wonder what it's history is?

The whole thing is a giant pocket! Which is very handing whilst cleaning up and having to bring things from room to room. My DH says it was probably used to gather whatever was for dinner from the garden. Doesn't that sound great? And indeed, we did that when we went to DH's family's home in Portugal.
here Nothing like fresh from the ground to the table.

Another apron is this pink one. The gingham in light pink with all the stitching was a draw again.

A bit of patience here also.

A little lighter for hot summer days crafting outside in the yard. I have some plans.

have a good one,


TwigandToadstool said...

What great finds! I love a good thrift too.
with love

Sonja said...

These are beautiful! What a great day for thrifting!