Sunday, April 17, 2011

spring ist sprungen.

Almost. it's not spring to me until the magnolia blooms.
But this little guy was making a lot of noise. That's how I noticed him.

The garlic is sprouting.

Chives. Funny story.. I was putting the kids into the van the other morning and commented that it smelled like onions in there. My son chuckled and said that he had tasted some of the chives. He liked them. now I can smell chives on his breath when he goes outside or comes in to the house. cute.

Last year, DH and the kids went to the garden store and brought back some poppy plants for this planter. They were beautiful and finished their growing. but lo and behold, they bloomed again. Several times for the whole summer. I hope that they are perennials and not annuals. We'll see in a few weeks.

This past weekend was a blur of socializing and lots of desserts. O gym how I will greet thee tomorrow!
And this coming week, holy week is a busy time for me. Singing for 5 services and 1 rehearsal. Let's hope the chocolate I ate this weekend is a buffer for the germies floating around. I must stay well until easter monday.

have a good one.

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Creative Mom said...

My son calls it stinky grass and loves to eat it also. Of course if I put it in something he feels the need to pick it out.