Tuesday, April 5, 2011

wool balls tea pot trivet

Here's the tea pot trivet I made with all those balls.

I think I may try one in a square next time, should there be one. There are glass bead in between the balls.

And not to have just one photo, here is a "time" at our house. This instrument is called an Ugly Stick. It is made out of a mop, piece of birch on the bottom and lots of washers and beer bottle caps. It is commonly used in Newfoundland when having a good scuff. It makes a good jangly sound.

The kids get a little rangy every once and awhile, so we put on some music. This time, we put on a CD from the band my brother used to be the drummer for,Da Rock
This type of music calls for some instruments, the ugly stick and some spoons made their way into the merriment.

I always said, if you want a fun workout program, just do 3-5 Newfie Jigs a day. Google it. Some fun wha?

Have a good one,

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