Friday, November 5, 2010

more wet felted soap

I'm determined to learn the art of wet felting soap. A big learning curve for me.

The last time I did it, hereI used dyed corriedale roving. The dye comes out when you use it. So this time, I ordered extra natural grey corriedale from Gemini Fibresto avoid that problem. Can I tell you that natural wool, with no colour stripping or colouring smells like , well, wet sheep!! yuck. (Gemini Fibres has very good customer service. I called and ordered on Monday morning. She went to the shelf to make sure the stock was in and helped me with colour suggestions for my projects. The package arrived the next day by lunch! it felt like Christmas)
To make it a little worse, I bought some natural soaps from the Bulk Barn to practice with. You know, to keep it natural. Boy, it didn't smell that great with the wet wool.

I can say that I think I've finally gotten the hang of it. I use cookie cutters to get the shape on the wool and needle felt it before I wet felt.

Although, I did burn my fingers a few times.

Have a good one...

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hands follow heart said...

Oh, those are fun to make, and to use! Yours look great. They would make lovely gifts. Lucky recipients!