Wednesday, November 24, 2010

wool, glorious wool!

I've been wanting to pick up the knitting needles for some time now. When i happened across this glorious wool at the open house this weekend, I traded some of my wares for it.

It is so chunky, colourful, warm and heavenly.

I only know a few stitches and can't read a pattern. But with this wool, who cares. You want to bring out the irregularity of the wool, not a design.

This one is what I bought. It is so over the top. And warm. And fluffy. I love it.

After I complete my Christmas orders, I have a few more scarves to make. Can't wait.

Have a good one,


Jenny said...

Beautiful colours! Love the green and purple!

Bailey said...

These scarves and wool look sooo cozy:D I should make one myself:D The green is my favourite colour:D

Diane said...

That's wonderful looking wool, is it available in Toronto?