Friday, August 6, 2010

Gemini Fibres

I was supposed to go to my home town's Come home year (all by myself) in Newfoundland, but travel plans were messed up so I didn't. That means I felt the need to treat myself! Off to Gemini Fibres in Mount Albert, ON (just north east of Newmarket)

With kids in tow, we made the trek up north with a stop at Mary Brown's chicken. it's a fried chicken chain that is very popular in Newfoundland, but not so many outlets around here. You have to travel to get there, so it is a treat. My husband doesn't get it. guess it's a nostalgia thing! Boy, I'm chatty this morning, but not outside of my head.

The store is chocka blocka with stuff! It's a dream. it's small. The kids wanted to know why there was a store inside of a barn.
I bought about 8 new colours of roving. I want to wet felt a playmat. and some weaver's thread to sew my gnome leaves. I'll take pictures of my loot later.

The grounds around the place are wonderful. There is man made pond (I think) with a little island in the middle of it. Of course, the kids wanted to explore.

They got to feel the bulrushes and hear the bullfrogs...

And were tickled to watch the monarch butterfly. get a picture mama, get a picture! ( I took one of the small digitals, hence the different photo quality)

After the buying spree (thanks to my sister in law's bday present to me a few months back) we took a little jaunt around Jackson Point, ate ice cream and had to stand under a store awning for 10 minutes while the deluge of rain came from the sky. Was pretty fun.

I have the day to myself today, with a few projects in the works. so come back tomorrow for some craftiness...

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