Tuesday, August 3, 2010

silly hide n seek

For some reason, we were in the house a bit on Sunday. The kids started to run around and driving us crazy. So i took out the digital cameras and we had an impromptu game of hide and seek. not sure what the rules are.. you just couldn't get caught on film. The camera I had was so slow in taking the picture, the captee would always get away. I got a few good ones though

Love the expression! Gotcha!

We went to the Textile Museum of Canada yesterday. Some interesting things like the Molas of Kuna Yala. The stitching was so small, I couldn't even see them.As in, I think I need to start admitting I need the over 40 glasses. boo hoo.
The shop had a great selection of sewing books too.
When we went outside, the flower box was the recipient of gorilla knitting
or should I say crochet. It was a huge cement box wrapped with blocks of crochet. I wish I had my camera. i didn't even have my cell phone to take a picture. Oh well. livin' in my mind. wanna come visit?

have a good one,

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