Saturday, August 7, 2010

glue pictures and bendy frames

It's gonna be a crafty day here today. my uncle is here and making us a faery house. He's a good faery housemaker.
We took a walk in the ravine today to collect supplies. I can't believe I've lived here for 15 years and not known about it. Did I say that already?

I bought some crayola 3D glue and tried the glue pictures on the back of the canvases that I used last time. this time, it worked! I love it. more to come. I'm going to make a bunting out of this. I'm also going to use this idea for Neve's bday.

And a few scores at yard sales today...

After starting the bendy dolls, I found a site with these wire legs and arms dolls. I think you could get them for about 2 bucks each. I got these at a sale for 1 buck. 6 of them! I'll be taking the clothes off and adding my own personalities to them.

ok, off to craft.
thanks for looking,


twolittleseeds said...

Look lovely x

momma rae said...

yay for glue batik success!! tell me, do you mean that you found a place to order just the basic body like these dolls? can you share please?

nocton4 said...

how exciting,happy times xx