Sunday, August 8, 2010

faery house

After our trip to the ravine, my uncle wasted no time in making the house.

He spent the whole day in the yard, nailin', sawin', gluein' burnin' his fingers, teaching Rafael how to saw.

Isn't this so inviting?

I wanna move in.

I love my faery house. there's still some more vision he wants to create.

Did you notice the base the house was sitting on? yep, it's a chunk of tree. Yard sale find. They has a hook on the back, don't know what for, but it's going to be a table for the yard. So excited to find this. been wanting one.

thank you , thank you , thank you uncle

have a good one,


momma rae said...

ok, first is that uncle for hire? what an incredible fairy house!! ;)

and really, that lovely slice of wood was at a yard sale? what a fun find!

twolittleseeds said...

How amazing!

Jenny said...

Amanda you could sell these houses...get your Unc on the payroll! Cute! Can the kids put their hands in the back to put their dolls in?

softearthart said...

OH it is so magical, cheers Marie

Moment to Moment said...

wow, what a lovely fairy house, how very inspired..
:) Christina

erin said...

beautiful, beautiful fairy house

unswydd said...