Tuesday, January 12, 2010

felted mushrooms

howdy, been a busy few days and I can't wait for Friday!
I finally bit the bullet after a few months and bought some roving in Laval over the holidays and some felting needles a few days ago. I started with a mushroom. rafael wants a mushroom house akin to the tiny world house, but I decided to make it a felted mushroom. then Neve wanted one too....

Fun to work with and I want to make a few snowmen, a penguin that is in Martha Stewart Living and some other cute animal heads I found online.

oh, just a note, Michael's did not have any roving or felting materials.. dang.

And now a little personal stuff..

Today my boy turned 6! How much he has grown and how much he will grow.
I love that he is interested in so many things. He plays piano with 2 hands and treats us to his tinkering throughout the day. He wants to be a chef like his dad. (his dad is an engineer, but he's the one who cooks at home. I know, I lucked out eh?)
He is a budding scientist, sitting next to daddy with their experiments, playing with tools on daddy's bench to fix his cars, running, running, running, learning karate, skating and just being happy.
He has found his nurturing side with wee ones and now appreciates that his little sister is also a playmate. The games they have between each other are special indeed.
My sweet boy and his sense of humour. I look forward to watching you grow into whatever, whomever you choose to be.

Thanks for looking,


Jenny said...

Super cute!

Jenny said...

Raf and the mushrooms!

Jen said...

The purple purl down on Queen at Jones has a ton of beautiful fibre roving and felting supplies. I have lots of roving myself if you're in need.