Sunday, January 17, 2010


I found this great tutorial for wristlets from Trish on
Two Peas in a Pod Designs

There is a zipper! there is a zipper. My 1st zipper in 20 years! And now I've done 3! I read her tutorial a few times and got the courage to try it and fail. But I didn't. I did it! you can too!

And it was fun to make a little lining, nothing like the outside. I have a new tote bag to match this wristlet. It's from the Weekend Sewing book and it is huge!

So there you go, I'm a little addicted to these right now. I have a few more polka dot fabrics that I want to do. And a good way to get rid of some scraps you've been holding on to for too long!

Thanks for looking,


K. Anne said...

Gorgeous. I really love the butterfly one.

trish at Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs said...

Ya did great! They look wonderful! And you conquered the zipper - that's great! You can apply that same technique to a bag too...just enlarge everything you did and make it into a full size bag! :>) Great job!