Monday, January 4, 2010

tiny world pin cushion and a heart

Here is the 2nd of my tiny world pin cushions. My 1st can be seen

The originals can be seen here on Mimi Kirchner's blog.

Do you like the scallop on my light blue water? It's a scallop blade for the rotary cutter. How cool is that?!! I need to work on the ball. Like, to actually make a ball instead of only half a ball. I noticed that she has more world on top. Hence, the need for a ball.
I'm not very comfotable creating my own yet, so I'm copying various elements from her collection. Aren't they just lovely?

Oh yes, there is another tree, it fell off on my ascent to the attic. Love the little sailboat. And how nice to take a picture in the window on a bright day. No flash. yeah.

Missy moo wanted a heart on her orange purse, so mama obliged. I may make a few of these pins for Valentine's day. easy, quick and fun.

Thanks for looking,


Trish said...

ACK!! This is so stinking cute! I love it! Want to share this over on my blog? Maybe tell us all about where you found the inspiration, how easy was it or not...etc. I just love it!

Jenny said...

I love your felt work! And forget about the flash! Natural light all the way! Love the little highlight on the cute heart!