Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olde Time Town Parade

As I've said before, there's no lack of things to do in this little town in the summer.
This weekend, there is the Agricultural Exhibition!
Tonight, they started it off with a parade!
The Pirates are were there.

 There was livestock. The goat was ahead of this crew.
 And some blue men. I'm not sure why. High five!
 High head?
 The gang from the Parks and Rec. These guys work all day and then attend events for the children. Awesome crew! Nice to see them relaxing.
 The Roseway Manor had a float too. And some good music playing.
 The Shriners came by.
 A few long boats.....
 And a band! Looks like no one is playing. The drums had a bit of a solo...
 For the 1st time, there's going to be a smash up derby! I don't know why, but I'm looking forward to it. I vaguely recall being entranced by some kind of event like this on TV when I was a child. During the Founder's Day Festival, they sold tickets on another car that you could drive in the derby.  Yep, I'm planning on going to this one.
 The one grocery store in town had a float.
 Mmmm, not sure what this one was. Happy lot though.
 And my crew were enthralled! :} The Post office was giving out plastic bags at the beginning for the kids to put their candy in??!! Yep, most of the floats threw out candy, freezies and juice. Cool.
 Nuther boat and people in costume. There are a lot of tickle trunks around here.
 And what's a parade if it doesn't have fire trucks! A lot of fire trucks from many towns in the county.

Yep, nice parade. then we rode our bikes up to the exhibition grounds to check out the schedule for the week. We'll be dropping in for sure.

I did make something yesterday. And I shall make a few things tomorrow. I'll show you later. I haven't forgotten that this is a crafty blog!



charlotte said...

There was a Happy Days episode with a Smash 'em up Derby. I remember the "bad guy" brothers patented a move called the "Malachi Crunch"
You should put on your helmet, and give it a go!

Jenny said...

Start thinking about what'll be on your float next year!

Jenny said...

oh, almost forgot. Love the profile shot of your beautiful crew! They all look great!