Monday, March 5, 2012


This weekend, I taught the kids how to knit. Or I should say, I put the bug in them and they are taking it as they can. Neve is knitting a scarf for her doll. Rafael is knitting a dish cloth. Neve is slow and steady, going for quality. Rafael has the movements down pretty smoothly, but has, well, let's just say he's going for quantity. I'm not sure how well that cloth will wash dishes with all the holes in it, but it is making a little giggle fest for daddy and me.
Yesterday, he picked up the knitting and said he had a little problem. The yarn was so tangled and wrapped around itself.

I think he dropped a few stitches! I managed to fix that part, but then had to deal with all the strands of yearn that he had knit into the cloth. And then I had to fit the whole ball of yarn through a teeny hole. It was a good laugh.

In other happenings...
12 years ago, I met my husband. 12 years ago, I stopped doing musical theatre. Life took over. Well, this year, I'm doing it again. I'm having a blast! Singing with Scarborough Choral Society. We're doing Hello Dolly. I'll add more details later for local folks who are interested in going.
As a cast member of the show, we have to help with the sets. I grabbed my friend and daughter and went to check it out. It was purple day.

Neve and I went back again today and painted the trap door. Fun.
While sitting in rehearsal in "Hurry up and wait" mode, I made some alterations to a jacket I will be wearing.

My tip to you... Don't sew a coat on your lap while you're watching a rehearsal.

I had sewed my coat to my skirt! We quietly had a good chuckle over it. But when I cut the the thread pictured here, I pulled up the coat and realized that I had sewed the whole coat to my red costume skirt. Well, then there was gut busting laughter. You know the kind where your eyes tear up and you stifle a snort or 2, but you can't make any noise, lest you disturb the rehearsal!
Yep, having some fun.


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momof3girls said...

Oh goodness! That looks exactly like something I'd do (sew my skirt to my jacket)! It looks like your life is full and happy. Many blessings to you.