Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Thrifty SCORE!!

I tell ya, my friend Charlotte can spot a good find a mile away. She has especially good radar for little girl treasures. On this thrifty occasion, she brought over a box to Neve. There was much oohing and ahhhing, but as I was deep into the rack of wool sweaters on sale for .99 cents each, I didn't pay it much mind. Until we came home.

I don't know the Madeline stories, but we will be sourcing them out on our next library trip.
This is the nun. The costume is amazing in details.

And then the 2 girls!

Here they are dressed to go exploring.

With a hat and overcoat, doncha know!

And the little detail on the side of the hat.

The drawers in the bottom of the case have some treasures as well.
Framed Photo..

A passport. I didn't even think to open it to see what is inside.

Some postcards.

A suit bag.

Look at the nun's bun...

And her undergarments.

Isn't it a girls dream kit? I can't wait to get a few books for her to re-enact the stories. It will be fun and is treasured already.

And I found 4 good wool sweaters for mittens. Yes, a good day at the thrift store.

Thanks for looking,


The Knitty Gritty Homestead said... have Madeline, and her neighbour, Pepito (who is the son of the Spanish Ambassador)...the nun is Miss Clavel who takes care of the twelve little girls in a boarding school. I'm daughters would go nuts over this. I scored a pile of old hardcover books from the series and we read them often. Madeline gets into all kinds of adventures...Pepito can be a bit of a bad egg but gets nicer after M teaches him a lesson. Are you telling me you got this for .99?? I can't believe your luck!!

Mhairi said...

When you get tired of this, I call DIBS!!!
This is awesome. I would love this for myself and my little girl. If you are interested there are also videos of some of the books. In Australia they are easy to find through the ABC shops. You will love the stories they are great, a few years ago they were released in a big collection so you might be able to find one of them cheap somewhere.
I hope you have a lot of fun with this.

The Dutch Girl said...

What an incredible find! I want one too. But it's not two girls, the one with the dark hair is a boy, Pepito.


endless13 said...

OHMYGOSH!! Reilly loves Madeline!! I can't believe you don't know her?? Lucky find! Wow! I can tell you all you need to know ;)