Saturday, February 18, 2012

scrap bunting

Today's guest tutorial is by Rafael.

The scrap bunting

First you pick out your basket of square scraps.

Lift the foot, put your square like a diamond and sew.

When you get to the end, lift the foot and put a new square in. Put the foot down and sew again.

Keep adding squares.

Keep feeding more in until ...

you get a lot.

Then you can hang them up or wear them!

This project has been an easy, successful one for my boy who wants to sew on the machine. And the other thing that makes it a success is my new machine.
I've taught him how to sew on my old machine. It was quite the process of turning the wheel, making sure the needle was always down before you turned the fabric to go around a corner. AND, don't forget to lift the foot first. This time, my machine makes it easier with an option of having the needle end up or down. Every time. So now, he just has to lift the foot and slip the new square in.
Also, the 3 speed variables is great for learning. No worrying about sewing into the fingers with a heavy foot. On the slow setting, the kids can get a feel of the machine and to control the fabric as it goes through. Half way through making 4 of these strings of squares, he increased the speed as his confidence grew.

Another great thing about this project, it is easy and enticing enough for his sister to want to make one for her friend. And while I'm writing this, he's teaching her. ahhhhh, hear that? 2 kids getting along. Creating, sharing, teaching and learning. How nice is that for a Saturday afternoon?

Now, if I can just find something else for them to do. I miss my machine.



Jenny said...

Rafael - Thank you for this post. It's great and the instructions are so clear and easy to understand...and I'm not just saying that because it looks like you are going to throw a snowball at me :)

Avinash said...

Your blog is very impressive!!Nice post. This post is different from what I read on most blog. And it has so many valuable things to learn. Thank you for your sharing!