Friday, February 24, 2012

red sock, bluey greeny sock

I finished my red pair of socks

Then I promptly started a new one in this varigated wool.

It's so much fun. Now to start the next one and to really knit the pair I want to. Self striping yarn. whoot.

Salvation Army Thrift shop had a 50% off sale today. So of course, me and my ladies had to go!
Some good sweaters were had....

Can you see this as a few pairs of mittens? The colours are not showing true. There is a bit of neon yellow in there which throws me off, but I'm sure it will be fine in a mitten.

And I just HAD to get this awesome fabric. It is in the shape of a scrub shirt. The front has pockets, but the back is all plain. No interruptions. It will be fun to make a kid's toy with this one.

Have a good one,

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