Monday, March 8, 2010

Pom Pom skirts with flowers

I'm still working on the house, so I only have the photos of my pom pom skirts to show you. The photos are not what I was hoping to get, but here you go...
Here are all the little maids in a row. i wish I could have kept the smiling faces on instead of blurring them. They were so eager to put the skirts on and walked down the hall holding hands. So cute. I'm hoping to make some of these for the dramatic play area in our parenting centre.

After making a few, I decided to change it up a bit and add other things.
The pink one is a love theme with felt hearts and mini ribbon rose buds inside. And the heart ribbons... so matchy and lovey.
The purple one has flower petals and leaves inside. I just used some fabric flowers I had from years ago and folded them with a stitch to hold the petals down.

I also added extra ribbons and a way to adjust the waistband compared to this great tutorial on oh so happy together
Here's a glimpse of the ribbon at the back

I sewed the elastic to the end of the ribbon so you can stretch it out...

And tie it up to the correct fit for the wee one. I'd rather have it too loose on the top with the option of tightening it, than to have to abandon the skirt because it is too tight in the future.

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Bailey said...

I love the flower petal skirt. It's too cute!