Sunday, March 14, 2010

mending for the sun

Busy here digging out the summer clothes and packing for a little trip down south. Don't get to envious. We're driving. for 24 hours. straight! towing a boat. and then we're camping. But I know it will all be worth it. Sun, sand and fun family stuff. A little visit with some family and many reunions with friends. yep. the driving will be worth it. now just to convince the kids in the middle of their whining!
So, on to the sewing part....
I thought I was so frugal by buying Neve's swimsuit for this summer last summer when it was on sale. Well, we couldn't get the
loop over her head. tra-la-la.. (sorry, we're just finishing up 8 books of Capt. underpants) I had a do thingy for just such an occasion.... a little cut and sew. Fixed.

Remember on the last post when I said I spent 2 hours on a sundress that wasn't working? Well, the last 2 rows of shirring had some out at the seam after I serged it and everything. When I asked Neve to try it on today to see if it fit, I realized I could take out the last 2 rows and make it a skirt! Tra-la-la. fixed. Until i realized that the other 2 rows started to come undone also. Not quite so finished.

And last, this fishy towel has been in the drawer for a few years. It is too small for the beach now that the kids are older. But... It works well as a cover. Just cut a hole in the middle and sewed some binding tape on.

now missy moo doesn't have to complain about her towel falling off. Just love her messy hair. Wild woman.

i did finish my summer blouse from Weekend Sewing. After I cut the pattern out, I read up on the comments from others who made it. I took some of their suggestions, and am happy with it. Kinda. It's a little big on the back. poufy, if you will. I'll share that later. It is in the wash.

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