Monday, March 15, 2010

little gnomes

I made a quartet of bags for a 7 year old's bday. I forgot to take a picture of the beach treasure bag modeled after Amanda Blake Soule's.
Pictured here is the zippy wallet, wristlet (look them up in my side bar for more info on tutorials and where I got them from) and a new one for me... the little strawberry like pouch. it comes from Lia My bag was made 8x8, so it's rather small.

Now that I look back at the tutorial, I noticed I did the string differently. I like her way better. Next time. there will be a next time. These are so easy and fun to make.
Then I made a few gnomes to put in the pouch. They have been on my mind for some time. I just sat down and did it. Can't wait to try a few more of these also.

Thanks for looking,


Anonymous said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical. ........................................

trish Preston said...

Uber ADORABLE! Have you had the party yet? Did they love them???

Bailey said...

I love the strawberry bag, and the little gnomes.

Lia said...

I loooove it :) love the color made it look like a strawberry :D