Thursday, March 25, 2010

more books

On the last day of our trip, we took a detour into a bookstore. I was looking for some great sewing magazines, but was disappointed on every place we went. So i went into the book section while DH took the kids into the kid section. And with a quick look between trips to the bathroom and "look mama, you have to see this", I found these 3 books.

When Dh gave me a copy of "Sew me, Love me" for christmas, I didn't think I was into softies. Boy was I wrong. I've made some from that book already with a few more I want to make.
When I saw this book, I had to have it. they are so cute and they look a little easier than the above book. Love the little one on the cover with string arms and legs.

Like this little one, so cute.

This book was on the sale rack. i've browsed through it a few times, but don't think there is anything in it for me.. but never say never.

Oh and this one....
We have a few stray gloves around, but I should go to the dollar store to stock up before they are all put away for the season. Heck, they probably are already.
And a peek at the projects inside.

There ya go,
more inspiration for my more than cluttered brain that has so many things it wants to do.
Oh and I was given a bag of sheep wool today and some carding brushes. Something else I'm excited to give a try. i know the kids enjoyed pulling the wool apart and picking out the grass/hay etc.

Thanks for looking,

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