Thursday, April 16, 2009

window hanging

YES! It worked! When I originally set out to make window hangers, I went the tough way. Bought thick glass, glass cutter,used my DH's soldering machine etc. Then, as Christmas approached and I was not gaining skill quick enough, I rethunk (I know it's not proper english, just sounded good) my projects and came up with an easier solution. I bought microscope slides and just used the copper foil as a tape. SO, I wanted to do this project with more than just Christmas ornaments.

My friend's bday is tomorrow,so I took out the materials again to come up with something spring like.

I'm so happy it worked out! I used the little punches from Friskars. Actually, I don't think they are. My mother in law brought them back from the Philippines, so I think they aren't. The little bunny in the grass is Martha Stewart, the white bunny is from the mini punch set. The leaves are from Quickutz. This whole idea came from the dragonfly.My friend likes dragonflies. Did you know that they are not a hot item right now? can't find any dragonfly things about. The centres of the flowers are from the smallest hole in the cropadile. I covered a 3rd piece of slide with glue pad and dazzling diamonds for a bit more bling.

The hook is from Walmart's Christmas collection. I'm so regretting not getting more of the gold ones.I have 2 packs of silver, only 5 more gold. Back to the drawing board. I had these beads left out from my previous butterfly project and they fit on the hook. Way cool!

anyhow, hope you like. I will definitely be making more of this sort of thing. I already have another idea to flip it on it's side.

Thanks for looking,

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! It's so Spring-y! Is the sparkly background the "dazzling diamonds" you spoke of? Where can I get those? {i think we have the same lawn furniture....}