Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter place tags

How much food can a person consume in 3 days? And how much can a person sing in 4 days? I think I hit my limit in all of it. Today, I'm kind of down for the count. I taught this morning and now am feeling ill. I don't usually get sick, today, it's my turn. I have visions of my hot turkey sandwich smothered in gravy, ketchup and vinegar, but know I will regret eating it. All the faster to get better. Now on to my Easter place tags..

I had geat visions for these tags. To hang them from the glassware by using an earring. Alas, time got away from me and I was finishing them in the car on the way there! Each tag got less and less exciting. By the time we got there, my tag had a bit of ribbon and a few dots! lol

The rabbits inthe grass punch is from Martha Stewart. Sentiment is from a 2nd hand sale.

Off to snooze..
thanks for looking and reading the drivel.

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